Score The Design

<a id=”threadless-embed-fallback-the-irish-crib-of-1922″ title=”The Irish Crib of 1922 by filthydirtybuttonArt on Threadless” href=”″><img src=”; alt=”The Irish Crib of 1922, a cool t-shirt design” style=”max-width:100%;” /></a>
You must copy the link into the Internet website. Ie. Safari, to find the design . I have discovered Bing cannot search the link. A complaint sent to Threadless help desk received the reply that they had no knowledge of Bing. Bing like Google is usually our best resource. The unusual result is a reminder of the many times I have asked the question with a reply that would seem to say that I should know. If Bing or google cannot search for the link, then nothing can. Someday, I hope that they are mindful if how many people are effected by these slips to end up with nothing, like I did. One piece of advice long ago from a computer scientist was to play with the computer because of a constant obstacle to a result. So I played and found the link does arrive at Score The Design without either Google or Bing. Threadless on the other hand are still in the dark but I sent them my play results. I hope their  reply is playful. Maulo, #filthydirtybuttonart Shop.
*Please click on the above link to Score 🇨🇳”The Irish Crib Of 1922″.
Maulo, From China