Today my Irish cousin wrote me and shared his fears of Brexit. My challenge to him last year to doubt the Irish’s future seems shared as we wait.


Score for Martha, my Irish grandmother who was brave. Maulo
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Day 1168 Busy Day

I’ve trained with a Welsh Terrier whose masters are my son and daughter-in-law but when I visit for a minimum 3 weeks, they ask me to take him on his morning walk which is a minimum hour. After multiple injuries, Wesley helped me learn how to walk/run effectively.

Margaret McCarthy Hunt Art

My sons dog Wesley for your consideration tonite. Drawn with a hmm Lamy Ef- a Vista.

My son calls him the cow dog because he’s black and white like a Holstein cow made famous in Atlanta by Chic fil A’s advertising campaign in which cows advise you to eat Moh Chicken.

He also has a Harry Potter lightning bolt on his rump. So he may be a warlock too.

Colors used. Quin sienna Indigo and pyrrole red.

Margaret who needs a nap and doesn’t feel good but is refusing to get sick. Only two more socks to darn. Xoxoxooops no three more socks. #pitbull #pittie #blackandwhite #stillmanandbirn #ink #teadyed #instadogs #dogs #pittie #pitbull #terrier #art #atlanta #chien #decatur #ink #sbsadrawingaday #stillmanandbirn #lamysafari #uniball

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