The Complete Fry Sight Words Game Pack

Preparing these games for reaching EFL students online is my new area of interest.What would you suggest?

English Republic

The complete fry sight words game pack - bingo, dominoes, roll & read, I have who has, and board games.

These days there are a lot of worksheets and games for practicing the Fry or Dolch Sight Words, and I mean a lot. So much so, in fact, that it reminds me of when I used to go grocery shopping with my dad and he would complain about the fact that there was something like 2, 369 different brands of ketchup.

“Couldn’t they just have Heinz and the store brand and be done with it?”

Even with the reasonable prices many of these activities can be had for on sites like Teachers Pay Teachers (click here to see what I mean), building up a collection of quality games can still run into a few bucks for hard-working educators already spending enough of their own money on materials.

So taking my dad as inspiration, English Republic is offering truly affordable sight word game packs that contain all the…

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Day 1285 Trying to Experiment

Margaret McCarthy Hunt Art

So what’s the big experiment?! There are a few.

Writing is one.

I wrote little across the background on this one to see if it would give it more interest. It’s done with a soft lead pencil which I smear with my finger after I am done writing.

I used copyright free Wikipedia as a source for my writing. I like the texture it gives the background.

Another one was to use an inktense pencil to draw them. Inktense are permanent after you wet them. I used a sepia one on the wrens and I think I still like the deep indigo one better which is what I used on the squirrels.

However I DO wish I had not stuck that small wren in at the last minute It was sitting on the back porch busily pecking away. I couldn’t resist. I should have. I also wanted to try to…

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How To Make A Willow Arch For Your Garden…For Free

Lovely collection of crafting and life in Ireland is helpful to anyone trying to restore property or homesteading as I am on 10 acres.

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

Go out, go out I beg of you
And taste the beauty of the wild.
Behold the miracle of the earth
With all the wonder of a child.

~Edna Jaques

The miracle of Spring is now very close. Birds are beginning to sing and all over the woodland gardens of Bealtaine Cottage, life stirs.

I am sharing this post with you all today, as Willow can be collected at this time of year and used to great beauty in the garden.

This is How To Make A Willow Arch…


Making a Willow Arch for the Lughnasadh Garden…this is a living arch and will provide food for the Bees.


Take two long lengths of Willow.Any length over 6ft will do! All long Willow is suitable for this project. I used a mix.


Strip off leaves…no need to do this in winter or early spring.


Insert each piece into earth on either…

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Near Field Communications

Some of the Tshirts designed by me for #filthydirtybuttonart are sold at the http://www.filthydirtybuttonartThreadless.com website or on Etsy Houseoftheredmug Shop. Recently, my application to Thradless to expand this brand described a marketing plan to sell the Tshirt designs from the new seasonal home in Battleford, Saskatchewan and the nearby farmers market Saturday mornings.

Today, as I was reviewing jobs in Ireland, I came upon an ad for Parttime  tshirt salesperson using NFC tags. The job description asks for a salesperson to look after a Tshirt stand with only the NFC tag and no tshirts. As inventory for Tshirt marketing is costly with no guarantee of a sale, this new NFC method gives a new dimension to the potential marketing.
Maulo, #filthydirtybuttonart