The Complete Fry Sight Words Game Pack

Preparing these games for reaching EFL students online is my new area of interest.What would you suggest?

English Republic

The complete fry sight words game pack - bingo, dominoes, roll & read, I have who has, and board games.

These days there are a lot of worksheets and games for practicing the Fry or Dolch Sight Words, and I mean a lot. So much so, in fact, that it reminds me of when I used to go grocery shopping with my dad and he would complain about the fact that there was something like 2, 369 different brands of ketchup.

“Couldn’t they just have Heinz and the store brand and be done with it?”

Even with the reasonable prices many of these activities can be had for on sites like Teachers Pay Teachers (click here to see what I mean), building up a collection of quality games can still run into a few bucks for hard-working educators already spending enough of their own money on materials.

So taking my dad as inspiration, English Republic is offering truly affordable sight word game packs that contain all the…

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